Conservatory Repairs in and around Bristol


If your property has a conservatory, then you will doubtless wish to ensure that it is kept in as good condition as possible. Conservatories can often be fragile, and it is all too easy for one to become damaged. Sometimes a window can be broken, sometimes a roof can spring a leak; in cases such as these, it will be necessary for professional help.


Conservatory Repair Specialists


Here at DGR Bristol, we are proud to count conservatory repairs amongst our specialties. If you are the owner of a domestic property that is based in Bristol, Bath, Swindon or Gloucester, then DGR Bristol will be just perfect as a local choice.

We offer an extensive range of services that will cover all eventualities when it comes to repairing your conservatory. We can replace broken glass, and repair double glazing. We can install self-cleaning glass or heat-reflective glass.


We Can Fix Leaks & Locks


If your door locking mechanisms, door handles or window handles require replacements, we can tackle that as well. We can fix roof leaks, or if necessary, replace the entire roof – that includes replacing a current roof with glass. If any units in your conservatory have become steamed up, our highly trained double-glazing installers can replace those as well. We can even install cat flaps so that your furry friend can get in and out of the conservatory with ease.

In short, if there are any conservatory repairs that you desire to have performed, it is a safe bet that DGR Bristol will be able to carry them out.

DGR Bristol has twenty years’ experience working in the doors and windows field. Our staff is fully qualified – you can count on us for a professional job with no fuss and no hassle. We strive to provide a service that is as inexpensive as possible and offer free quotations to all our customers.

If you have any questions or require further information on the conservatory repairs offered by DGR Bristol, please get in touch with us. Our staff members will try its hardest to make sure that each and every one of our customers is fully satisfied. Our friendly team makes it quick and easy for you to inquire about any problems you may have with your double glazing.