Our Window Repairs at Double Glazing Repairs


Windows that have been in use for a long time will at some point start to show signs of wear. There are several problems that you may have with old windows. For one, they may have cracks from weathering harsh elements for years. This exposure can also lead to problematic locking mechanisms. A window may also have problems with the balances, hinges, operator handles, or vent locks, just to mention a few. In any of these instances, you require professionals in window repairs, and that is what we offer in Bristol and its surrounding areas. At Double Glazing Repairs, we get the importance of having windows in perfect working conditions.


Best Brands for Repairs and Replacement


When repairing windows, sometimes it is necessary to get replacement parts like locks, hinges and double-glazing glass. We ensure that you have the best brands to choose from. If you wish to upgrade the security of your home by getting new locks for the windows, then we provide ideal options. We aim to give you repair services that will add life to your windows. In some instances, replacement becomes a more suitable alternative if the damage is too extensive. DGR has a wide range of products that suit various window replacement needs. One concern homeowner’s have is ending up with windows that don’t fit their current décor. We take the rest of the house into consideration when providing replacement windows.


Expert Installation ensures homeowners get top quality repairs or replacements


DGR ensures that homeowners get well-trained technicians for repair services and our top double-glazing installers provide the best window and door installations. Windows come in various shapes and sizes from awning to sliding to hung windows. When looking for repair services, you want people who understand the needs of a specific window type. Our tradespeople have the best training and keep updating their skills to fit changing industry trends and regulations. If you are searching for window installation of superior standards, then our installers will provide it. All our is guaranteed, so you don’t have to fret. DGR has been providing repair services for over 2 decades and in that time, we have come to understand our clients’ needs and how to provide them successfully. Having years’ experience in repairs and replacement of windows, doors, and conservatories, means you are getting the best.


Our Affordable and Friendly Services


Call us when you need to find affordable rates for window replacement and repair services. Fixing up your windows should not be a struggle because of the prices. We keep ours competitive for homeowners to get functional and energy efficient windows for their homes. DGR is also big on customer service. If you need help finding the best replacement windows, then we can offer it. Contact us with any concern and we will have someone provide assistance. Call DGR for window repairs and replacement services in Bristol and give your home the protection it requires.