Repairs we offer at Double Glazing Repairs


We provide double glazing repairs for the general public, but also repair windows for letting agents, hospitals, universities, new build housing estates, and hotels.

Glass windows will eventually start to show signs of wear if they have been in use for a long period of time. We offer the Best Brands for Repairs and Replacement; Expert Installation; and Affordable and Friendly Services. Due to doors and windows coming in various shapes and sizes, we provide well-trained technicians for repair services that understand the specific window type needs. DGR Double Glazing has provided repair services for over 2 decades, so with our years’ experience, we have come to understand our clients’ needs and how to provide them successfully.

Faulty Window Hinges could decrease the security of your home. Leave it to our professionals in window repairs to fix the problem for you. We aim to add life back into your windows, which will ensure the windows last for longer.

Window Locks and Locking Mechanisms are an important element to your windows, which is why it is vital to repair these elements and keep your homes secure. Your window may have cracks from weathering harsh elements for years, that can lead to problematic locking mechanisms. Home security is important and should not be a strain, so our prices should not be either and stay affordable.

Double Glazing including double glazing windows, doors and conservatories, sometimes need repairs from wear and tear over time. Our well-trained double-glazing experts are able to repair the double glazing in your home to the highest standards whether it is cracks or leaks.

Broken Glass on windows and doors can be dangerous and appealing to intruders wanting to break into your home. At Double Glazing Repairs, we get the importance of having windows in perfect working conditions and broken glass is something no one wants.

Misty Units can be problematic with double glazed windows. At Double Glazing Repairs, we can clear the mist for you so you can see clearly out your window again.


The Replacements we offer at Double Glazing Repairs


When it cannot be repaired, we can replace your windows, doors, conservatory roofs and locking mechanisms.

Window Glass Replacement may be necessary if the windows or doors become beyond repair. Within our team, we have top double-glazing installers with years’ experience, to get your windows perfect. We ensure that you have the best brands to choose from and an extensive range of products that suit your window needs and ensures your home decor all matches.

Locking Mechanisms may need replacing to ensure the security of your home stays high. Replacement becomes a more suitable alternative if the damage is too extensive.

Misted/broken double glazed units replaced (without removing window/door frame) allows your frames to stay unaffected. We can simply replace the glass and glazing while keeping your original window and door frames.

All tilt and turn gearing and replacement weather-seals will be needed if the damage is too extensive due to long term weathering, such as big window leaks. Tilt and turn gearing allow windows to be opened fully or just partly to offer you the best of both.


Fittings and Window/Door parts offered at Double Glazing Repairs


Our wide range of brands ensure the parts and fittings match your home when repairing or replacing the glass and mechanisms in your windows, doors and/or conservatories.

Key-locking handles fitted (to satisfy insurance requirements) ensure your home stays secure. Many UPVC doors locking systems fail to meet insurance requirements but we make sure the locking systems are made to satisfy insurance requirements.

Handles are vital for the opening and closing of your doors and windows. We offer a lot of handle options such as the tilt and gearing systems.

Hinges allow your windows and doors to open and close smoothly attached to a frame.

Extra Security further protects your home which is very important to safeguard it from intruders.

Child Restrictors can be installed to keep your children safe in your home. There is less risk of a child falling from a window or trapping fingers between the closures.

Fire Escape Hinges are put in place to facilitate escape in an emergency situation. This is especially vital in public buildings.


Services offered at Double Glazing Repairs


Emergency Boarding-up Service to secure your home if a window or door is broken. Creates a physical barrier over your window while you wait for a repair or replacement. Secured to the building with anti-tamper security screws for extra security measures.

All aluminum and UPVC doors and windows can be effectively repaired, greatly reducing the cost of replacement.

If parts are obsolete, we can generally offer an alternative, often superior to the original.