All Aluminium and UPVC doors


Door repairs in and around Bristol offered at DGR Double Glazing Repairs. We can fix any repair including broken glass, handles or door hinges.

Cylinder barrels fitted following loss or theft of keys. Being the most popular of lock systems to prevent lock snapping, you can ensure your home will stay secure.

Extensive range of multi-point locking systems in stock. To ensure you pick the one that’s best suited to you.

Locked doors opened without damage to allow your door to be opened if locked for any reason but preserving your original door.

Locks for cold seal doors. Cold seal doors are more energy efficient due to keeping warm air inside a property. We can repair or replace your door locks from a wide range of lock products.

Door repairs and Broken Glass may be needed if there is damage on the door (with locks etc) or the glass is broken.

Misty Units can be problematic with double glazed glass on your doors. At Double Glazing Repairs, we can clear the mist for you so you can see clearly out your window again.

Door Locks could become broken or wear over time and not work as they should anymore. We can fix or replace your door locks so it works efficiently again.

Door Handles all colours can be provided by DGR Double Glazing Repairs with a wide range of colours to suit you and your home.

Door Hinges can be fitted, repaired or replaced if damaged by our team with years experience in the doors and windows industry.

Re-alignment of doors may be necessary if your doors become wore or altered over time, resulting in the doors not being aligned to the frame.

Door Panels are offered by us if you need a replacement or a repair of the glazed glass on the door.

Letter Boxes can be fitted into the door panel or if there is not a huge amount of damage it could be fixed.

Cat Flaps can also be fitted into the doors or replaced if damaged.

Dog Flaps can also be fitted into the doors or replaced if damaged.

Extra Security may be implemented into the door to provide a safer environment due to your home becoming more secure. This may include installing a peephole, rekeying the locks or adding a heavy-duty deadbolt.

New Cylinders & Keys will enhance the security of your home.

Double Glazing Repairs carried out by our highly trained double-glazing installers. This includes double glazing window door repairs to renew the windows life.


Aluminium patio doors


Lock upgrades/security shoot-bolts/replacement rollers and track


UPVC residential doors


  • Decorative PVC door panels/letter-plates
  • Upgrade to hook-bolt locking system on older UPVC doors
  • Top restrictors for open outside doors


Many UPVC doors locking systems fail to meet insurance requirements. Why not call for a free estimate with a view to upgrading existing security?